Hey, Jade Helm: Where’s the stuff?

Where are all the convoys taking the equipment OUT of our towns?

Jade Helm_Corona, CA_I-15_MRAPs on public streetsWith all the unsettling pictures we’ve seen this year of seemingly unending lines of tanks and trucks on miles-long trains or on our city streets (like this one taken in SCal), now that the Jade Helm exercise is supposedly over, I have to ask, “Where’s all the stuff?”  Hmmmmm.

I haven’t seen one report of all the armament being shipped back out to where it came from?  This leads to an even more unsettling thought: Continue reading “Hey, Jade Helm: Where’s the stuff?”

Dollar inches closer to de-throning

China officially calls for new global currency in surprise proposal by Beijing’s central bank governor.

Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan_Beijing Central BankChina is calling for a global currency to replace the dominant dollar, showing a growing assertiveness on revamping the world economy ahead of next week’s London summit on the financial crisis.  The world economic crisis shows the “inherent vulnerabilities and systemic risks in the existing international monetary system,” Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan said in an essay released Monday by the bank. He recommended creating a currency made up of a basket of global currencies and controlled by the International Monetary Fund and said it would help “to achieve the objective of safeguarding global economic and financial stability.”

READ ARTICLE HERE: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/story?id=7168919&page=1

WikiLeaks publishes CIA director John Brennan’s emails

The WikiLeaks organization posted material Wednesday from what appears to be CIA Director John Brennan’s personal email account

John Brennan_CIA Director_10 20 15_DailyMailThe material presumably was taken in a compromise of Brennan’s email account by a hacker who told The New York Post he is a high school student protesting American foreign policy. The hacker claimed he posed as a Verizon employee and tricked another employee into revealing Brennan’s personal information.

FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://news.yahoo.com/wikileaks-publishes-cia-director-john-brennans-emails-132604082.html#

Expanded surveillance with CISA passes Senate

Senate approves CISA 83-14

cell-phone-spy-surveillance-nsaThough CISA is positioned as a “voluntary” cybersecurity information sharing bill, it is neither voluntary nor is it really about cybersecurity.  Rather, it’s a surveillance bill that gives the NSA greater access to information from companies to do deeper snooping through upstream collection points.

FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.infowars.com/cisa-moves-forward-these-83-senators-just-voted-to-expand-surveillance/

Russian defense firm building army of AI robots; two-years to prototype

“We will be able to show prototypes in 1.5 to 2 years. We are gradually moving away from crewed machines,” Vyacheslav Khalitov, the defense firm’s deputy director general, said Tuesday.

Russian TanksThe trends in robotic engineering worldwide are about the same, he said. It all starts off with remote control technologies and, after that, artificial intelligence might be introduced. Uralvagonzavod (Russian defense firm) is following the same pattern.

Khalitov reassured that it’s too early to be afraid of the war of the machines since the whole idea will be under development for decades to come. However, the experience promises to be transformative for the industry, he said.

Full Article at RT News: https://www.rt.com/news/319229-russia-armata-tanks-robots/

Hillary: Nationwide gun ban, repeal of 2nd amendment “worth considering”

Hillary said it’s worth considering a nationwide gun ban and a “buyback” program to eradicate private gun ownership.

4155859298_87150ffc73_z_0The presidential candidate attacked the Second Amendment during an Oct. 16 town hall meeting in which she was asked if it were feasible for the U.S. to confiscate millions of firearms in a year.

Full Article Here: http://www.infowars.com/hillary-clinton-nationwide-gun-ban-repeal-of-second-amendment-worth-considering/

CIA/DHS email hacked??? By a high schooler??

John Brennan, CIA Director, and Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, are victims of high school hacker on their AOL and Comcast accounts.

John Brennan_CIA Director_10 20 15_DailyMail CIA says they knew about it.  Really?  Classic save face move?  Do they think that sounds better?  So, are we to believe they  couldn’t stop it or that they just did nothing about it?

CNN reports Johnson apologized over the summer for getting a waiver to use personal email on government computers at the Department of Homeland Security — the civilian agency tasked largely with leading the federal government’s cybersecurity efforts. He called it a “whoops” moment and extended an existing ban to cover top officials who had sought waivers for their email access. Continue reading “CIA/DHS email hacked??? By a high schooler??”