Paul McGuire: on-fire interview; sleeping church; Scalia death

“God’s people are not supposed to be fools.”

Paul McGuire_Jewish Voice

2/23/16 – Don’t miss this interview!  Paul McGuire was on fire in this weeks TruNews interview.  The topics were politics, the sleeping church, and the concern over Justice Scalia’s recent death.  The audio has been edited to just include Paul’s interview. Continue reading “Paul McGuire: on-fire interview; sleeping church; Scalia death”

Ted Cruz: Cannot overstate the threats to internet freedom, independent news websites

“I think threats to internet freedom continue growing.  This administration views the internet as a threat.”

Ted Cruz_Oct 2015_GettyImages-489222150-620x391Cruz said this week, “I think liberty on the net is every day more and more imperiled by big government and Washington politicians who want to muzzle dissent.”